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Hospitals & Medical Centres

When choosing a window covering for hospitals and care homes it is important to consider hygiene, safety and practicality.

For this reason dubai blinds have specialist fabrics including anti bacteria, stain resistant and flame retardant.

Practical Vertical and Roller blinds are ideal for hospital and care home settings, as they are easy to clean and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Alternatively you may want to choose Venetian blinds they are easy to clean and can be angled to give more privacy to patients whilst letting them enjoy the view.


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Ultrafresh* Treated Fabrics.

MRSA is currently a major concern to every healthcare organisation in the country. MRSA is a high profile 'superbug' that is a major cause for concern in hospitals where the sick and elderly are vulnerable to infection.

Now there's a valuable ally in the war against disease with Ultra-Fresh*, an anti-microbacterial coating available with Dubai Blinds fabrics.

Ultrafresh* treated fabrics kill MRSA on contact.

Window blinds that have the Ultra-Fresh* treatment help maintain a sterile environment in hospitals, nurseries and medical centres. Not only will the window blinds provide an effective and efficient form of adjustable solar shading, but they also guarantee a sterile, germ-free surface for many years to come.

Our range of specialist fabrics offer the healthcare sector a number of major benefits:

  • Ultra-fresh* provides both vertical and roller blinds with effective antibacterial and antifungal properties that preserve hygienic freshness - permanently!
  • The window blinds will inhibit the growth of odours causing bacteria, fungi, mould and mildrew, producing a self deodorising surface.
  • Ultra-fresh* treated fabrics are part of the Dubai Blinds flame retardant performance range.
  • You can offer window blinds that are easy to maintain and will retain their sterile properties even after washing.
  • Ultra-fresh* is completely safe and exclusive to several ranges of Dubai Blinds fabrics.
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