Duplex Blinds (Double Roller Blind)

Subtly Adjustable Duplex Blinds for Contemporary Homes

Duplex Blind is a modern take on window shadings also known as Zebra Blinds or Double Roller Blinds. They are designed with swapping fabric stripes and translucent mesh that serves as a chic window blind that allows stylish filtration of light with its overlying layers & offers great light control.

When closed Duplex privacy and a soft glow, rolled up they provide a clear view of the outdoors. Opened, and the subtle fabric stripes give best of both - an impressionistic view and soft, filtered light. They're a fresh youthful approach to windows.

Why choose Duplex Blinds ?

Versatile product looks great in any room Supplied in our cassette system, nickle ball chain & sidewinder operation control. Our designer Duplex system gives you a roller blind system that controls light, privacy and the aspect view. Light filtering fabric is fantastic solution for office and home in Dubai
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