Styles of Shutters

Stunning Shutters are versatile enough to create a variety of different looks at your windows.

Tier on Tier shutters

offer the ultimate control over light and privacy. The top and bottom half of the shutters open and close independently of each other, which means you can throw open the top half and let the light flood in while keeping your privacy by leaving the lower half closed. Alternatively close both tiers for a cosy night in.

Full Height shutters

cover your entire window for a striking finish and maximum privacy. These shutters are particularly suitable for windows that are heavily overlooked or where the view is compromised.

Cafe Style shutters

cover the bottom half of your windows. This style of shutter is not only the very height of chic but will allow plenty of light into your room while giving you a great deal of privacy.

Tracked shutters

are a brilliant solution for doors and extra wide windows, providing additional durability for these frequently used areas. Tracked shutters can also be used to divide or open up a room space.


Angled, arched, hexagonal, round, bay or sash. We can tailor make virtually any style and shape of shutter to suit your need.
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