Hospital & Medical Curtains

Our range for Medicated Hospital Curtains is specifically designed to ensure hygiene and helps prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections & viruses.

Dubai Blinds Cubicle Curtains

Through Dubai Blinds constant efforts towards innovation we’ve created a selection of high-quality fabrics and materials for cubicle curtains suitable for us in industries like health care, health and beauty, sports clubs and many other environments where sanitation is must.

Our cubicle curtains are also known as privacy curtains, medical curtains and nurse curtains etc. and there are mostly popular in medical and healthcare facilities in the UAE.

If you’re looking for bespoke and made to measure hospital curtains be it cubicle, privacy or anti-bacterial curtains- Dubai Blinds has got you covered!

Here at Dubai Blinds, every cubicle curtain is specifically manufactured to fit your hospital’s requirement in terms of design, colour and other aesthetics whereas we pay additional attention to detail on the technicalities like to ensure prevention of diseases.