Make Your Window Blinds & Home Child Safe

While we’re upgrading our home décor, we think about the colour schemes, coordination of furniture, soft furnishings and list goes on however, there is a silent killer prowling in our homes which should be a real concern for many parents which is mostly overlooked and even unfamiliar to even the most safety conscious and protective parents.

We’re trying to highlight the safety precautions that should be considered while installing window coverings in our homes, we’re trying to educate and advocate mothers and fathers about the hazardous nature of long window blind cords that have loops in the end.  Ignorance is not bliss, as avoiding taking safety measures can cost your child’s life and in just a matter of seconds an inquisitive, playful child or toddler can incidentally wrap an unsecured cord or chain around their neck and stifle himself.

On January 7th, 2019, a mother was at home with her 3-year-old son and stepped out of the bedroom to fix him a snack.  The child climbed up to the top bunk bed and wrapped the blind cords around his neck. He then began to walk down the ladder as the strings tightened, he panicked and tried to scream for help, but nothing came out. He scratched the cords to release them but all he could clutch was skin. At the last attempt to get free he jumped to get away and that very jump saved his life as the cords broke and freed him.

Mother quoted “We heard a loud thud (his jump) and then his loud scream! This was not just any scream it is one I have never heard in my life and it will forever be ringing in my ears. We took him to get checked out in the emergency room and they were very concerned and shocked. These blind cords are not meant to break. We are counting our blessings! God has big plans for our little boy, it was not his time to go”

Unfortunately, occurrences like these aren’t infrequent and so all our blinds are made to UK safety standards, are installed with a safety tag if they do not want the child safety device installed or the mechanism is built to prevent this unfortunate situation from occurring. Therefore, to avert injuries and deaths from blind cord strangulation it’s important to create a harmless home environment and taking safety measures.

Child Safe Solutions

Automated Security

Our range of motorised window blinds offers safety with power for your home and incredible features for your comfort. It adds stylish convenience to your daily life and peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety instead of niggling around with those cords, you can enjoy and adjust your window blinds with just a tap on a remote control. Get automated for a better and safer lifestyle!

Cordless Safety

If you have kids, then you know that they will get to anything and everything due to their curious nature so if you’re thinking about hiding the cords at the top of your window blinds would work then we’re afraid you’re mistaken. Our range of cordless blinds for Cellular or Honey comb blinds are extremely easy to operate, all you need to do with cordless blinds is slightly pull down or push up and the blinds will function, and the absence of cords would eliminate the risk of child or pet strangulation.

Safety Devices

We’ve often encountered instances where our client’s window blinds cannot be cordless for several reasons like the design of the home or the furniture’s size and arrangement. In such scenarios, we recommend our customers to install safety devices with their window blinds. For Dubai Blinds, safety is of utmost priority which is why we’ve specifically designed these safety devices to prevent cords from causing any harm. We have cleats that are like small fittings attached to the wall near the window blinds to which you can wrap in the extra cord keeping it out and away from your children’s reach. On blinds such as Venetians when the cord is unavoidable and the cleat is an impossible feature, we have a built-in system so that the cord releases when it endures a certain amount of pressure.

Child Proofing Is Essential

We know no parent wants to think or imagine about their child getting harmed or being in danger which is why at Dubai Blinds we highly advocate all you parents to ensure your child’s safety within your home and take proactive safety measures!

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